Endocrine Diseases

Research and write about the following things:

1)     Explain the pathway of production of the hormone involved with your disease (including any tropic hormones and what glands/cells/tissues produce those hormones)

2)    Explain what type of hormone it is and how it acts on the target cell.  (Example:  steroid hormone… goes into the cell… DNA… mRNA… etc. – from Activity #1)

3)    Explain the cause (if any) of the disease.  If it does not have a cause you should explain if it is inherited or how scientists think that people get or develop the disease

4)    Explain the signs and symptoms of the disease and how it affects people’s lives.

5)    Explain how many people in the United States and Worldwide have the disease.

6)    Explain treatment options and the prognosis (The likely outcome or course of a disease; the chance of recovery or recurrence.)

7)    Misc. – Include any interesting information or famous people who have been affected


Type your report.  Hand in one copy to Mr. Young.  Present the Main Points to the class.  Learn the main points of all of the other students’ diseases.  Study them for your test!